iPhone 4 stays (shock of the year)

September 29th, 2010 | Posted by Kevin Wright in Features - (3 Comments)

I rather like the old saying, “I used to be indecisive, but these days, I am not sure”, and it nicely sums up the last couple of twists in the iPhone 4 sale saga.

I had the money, I sent the money back when my SO (who had bought it for me you will recall) was less than chuffed when I sold it, and Richard, my long suffering buyer allowed me to renege on the deal.

A few days later, and noticing I was not really using the iPhone 4, the SO decided that the very fact I was prepared to stick with it despite not wanting to was enough, and she declared I was free to sell it.

Richard had been tweeting that he still wanted one, so I asked him, and he sent me the money again :-). We both bank at the same place, and transfers are instant, so it was at least easy to do :-)

That was fine, and THIS TIME I actually did restore the iPhone 4 to 4.1 which as I write this is not able to be jailbroken, and by so doing, I felt I was sealing the whole thing as I can not possibly use an iPhone without the JB :-)

Now, a small apology here, if you heard the latest PSC you will have heard me say that the iPhone has gone off to the buyer, that was a tiny white lie, and for reasons that shall remain private, I was not actually to post it till today. I actually think I was trying to convince myself that if I told you lot it had gone, I might actually stick with the decision!

So, on Tuesday night, I came home, and charged the virgin, 4.1′ed iPhone 4 up fully ready to pack away in the box, ready for posting today, which was also my last day at work before heading off in the motorhome for a couple of weeks. It was all going so well, until the iPhone was fully charged, and rather than just put it in the box, I thought “hey, I have never even seen 4.1, lets have a quick look”

Fatal, and maybe this is the whole point about iPhone, and why people that have never had one will never understand, just playing around with it for 30 seconds, I was back in love with the stupid thing. I really am at a loss to explain it. 

Now, a lot of you will be thinking along the lines of never agreeing to buy something off me, and you are probably right :-), I will in my defence say that I did sit and think really carefully before sending a couple of tweets to the buyer, and I did in fairness offer to send him the full price back for the phone so he could order one from Apple, or if he insisted, I would go ahead and post the phone as agreed.

Of course, I sort of knew Richard would not insist on either of those options, and would likely just say send back the money for a second time. What I had not expected was his response, which, while it was exactly as I thought, had a couple of twists, first, he found the whole thing very funny, and most tellingly, he had taken the “gamble” of actually ordering an iPhone 4 from Apple anyway, a couple of weeks back, which I guess tells you all you need to know about Richard.

1. He is the toppest top bloke I know.

2. He actually knows me better than I know myself :-)

So, what of the iPhone 4 that I had fell out of love with? Well, one really great thing is the restore function with iTunes. 20 mins after Richard said keep it, I had my old machine back, sans Jailbreak of course (I do have SHSH blobs saved on Cydia, but this close to my holiday, I decided to go stock for a couple of weeks).  Say what you like about Apple, and iTunes, but Android could do with something like this, and I don’t mean a series of kludges like Appbrain/Titanium/ which while undoubtably good, are not a patch on the Apple way.

I used the iPhone 4 exclusively today, and am back in love with it, the keyboard is simple lovely, much better than even the best Android one, and having my entire CD collection, rather than having to choose which to put on the card (too tight to splash £80 on a 32GB MicroSD) is nice again.

So, is the SGS going? No, I am currently fortunate that I can afford to keep both, podcasting does pay extremely well as you all know :-) 

So, the good news for you lot is that I am not on PSC for a couple of weeks, so you will not have to hear about this nonsense for a while, although I may do a quick audioboo from the motorhome if I can get a signal on the iPhone :-)

Oh, one final thought, if you know where I live and are thinking its great that I am publishing that I will be away, its fine, all the good kit is coming with me, and a friend is using the house for a couple of weeks :-)