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January 16th, 2011 | Posted by Nick Robinson in Podcast

Happy New Year, So the big news is we are changing, after starting out as an iPad/Tablet show we have decided to open it up to include tech in general, but with a strong UK bias.

So from this show on we will still be talking about iPads and Tablets, but also PC’s, Mac, Mobiles…in fact anything that’s interesting in the tech world.

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Hi everyone, this is episode 1 of the new podcast, TechTalkUK, which is taking over from iPadchatshow. Same hosts, but with a changed focus on everything from the world of tech, with a slant to the UK and Europe market rather than US based like most podcasts.

We will still be doing a show every two weeks or so, and will feature a different guest on each show.

This shows guest is a great young man, Joël, better known as Darkyy on twitter as @darkyy92 who makes the very best custom ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy S phones. He is on for the whole show telling us about his ROMs, how he does it, and he also talks about his thoughts on iPhone and Jailbreaking.

I hope you will all stick with us through the changeover period, and we can provide enough interest for everyone.

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