MacBook Air Mid 2011 Refresh

July 26th, 2011 | Posted by Kevin Wright in Reviews - (Comments Off)

When I bought my “old” MacBook Air (Late 2010 model) a few months ago, it was pretty clear to me that it was something a bit special, and the only thing that really dissapointed was the lack of a backlit keyboard, something I had wanted for a long time during my Windows PC days, and finally got when I bought a MacBook Pro                                                                                        13″ in early 2010.

Of course, like many other people I convinced myself that I could live without it, and even in a recent TTUK show, I tried to convince myself (and you!) that if this refreshed range did not have the backlight, it would be OK. I was starting to wonder if there was some technical reason they could not have fitted one, maybe battery life, or physical size restrictions? It was all the stranger given that the first MacBook Air, the woefully underpowered one did actually sport a backlit board!

But no, it came, and I am now willing to believe the naysayers who said it was just Apple’s (well, Jobs really) way of getting us “mugs” to upgrade a few months later. It was actually interesting the way that the refresh was announced actually, as there was no fanfare, and even now you have to dig a bit on the website to see the keyboard mentioned, almost as if Apple is a little bit embarrassed about the whole affair. (more…)

TechTalkUK Podcast 14

July 19th, 2011 | Posted by Nick Robinson in Podcast - (2 Comments)

Welcome back to another dose of TechTalkUK, in show 14 we are joined by special guest Dan Carter to discuss iPhone 5 date rumours, why you shouldn’t update to iOS 4.3.4 if you are a jailbreaker, eBay fees hike for Buy it now listings and Phil Mabey from reviews the latest iPad case complete with keyboard. (more…)

TechTalkUK Podcast 13

July 5th, 2011 | Posted by Nick Robinson in Podcast - (1 Comments)

Show 13 is here and it’s the longest TTUK podcast yet, so get comfy, and listen to Kev, Nick, and our guest Iain Mercer chat about loads of Tech stuff with a UK slant.

In this show we discuss why Iain has moved from Android to iOS, Why Kev’s Galaxy S2 deal is no more, the Nokia N9 and more. We also try to start and record a Google+ Hangout, which does not go so well! (more…)