More Galaxy Note thoughts.

November 7th, 2011 | Posted by Kevin Wright in Reviews

So, I decided this morning that the Note would not be usable as my *only* device, and you know how I don’t really like using multiple devices, and I left the Note at home and took only the iPhone 4S to work. I was very busy today, but I really missed the Note oddly, so have decided to give it another shot tomorrow, another busy day ahead, and I am going to take just the Note as my only device. Why?

Partly, I read Tim Salmon’s review this morning LINK at work, and it made me want to use it all over again. I mostly agree with Tim on most of his thoughts, but do think its worth mentioning a couple of points.

First off, the Note (and the S2) does have a direct search button, well, its a long hold on the capacitive Menu button actually. I also differ from Tim in really liking the Side mounted power button, but of course with the fantastic centre button, you hardly ever (if ever) use the power button, since you turn it on via that, and let it turn itself off after xx mins.

I also disagree (hrmm, maybe I should revise the “mostly agree” comment above :-), about the speaker in the Note, only in so much as I think it is way better than the S2. Clearer and much, much louder to me at least.

Next I want to thank Tim for the heads up on that flip over cover, I loved that on my old Palm devices, and am definitely grabbing one of those if I keep this thing!

I would also reiterate that installing Launcher Pro  (free version, worth buying in App) and then setting it as the default launcher (by ticking the box that appears as soon as you press home button after installing it) is an essential step and any Android device, and while I do take Tim’s point about reviewing the devices as they come out of the box, this is not really hacking or anything, Launcher Pro is just another App basically, and its free.

I also use Widgetlocker (£1.87) on all my Android devices now, it makes the Lockscreen really useful, and if put a Camera shortcut on there, you can emulate at least one function of ICe Cream Sandwich right now! So, more on the Note tomorrow evening, after I use it as my only device for a whole day, assuming of course I don’t change my mind in the morning!

Oh, and grab “No Lock” by BoD  (free) as it makes WidgetLocker much nicer to use.



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