TechTalkUK Podcast 22 – Into the Galaxy with a Note, Nexus and Donuts

November 28th, 2011 | Posted by Nick Robinson in Podcast

Joining Nick and Kev this week, is Brad, better known on Twitter as ‘Donuts In The Parking Lot’ (@ditpl) as they chat about the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and the Galaxy Note.

Recommended apps this week are:

Presto Sound Library – A plug-in for Doggcatcher, BeyondPod or PodTrapper on Android.  £2.49 is well worth the time this will save you!

Pocket Casts for Android- Podcast listening finally made easier £1.99 (also available for iOS, but we’ve not tried this version)

Icon Settings – A way of putting quick toggles for settings on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, without jailbreaking
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4 Responses

  • Nice podcast. Pretty surprised about the negativity around the Galaxy Nexus, but to each his own. I was really interested to hear more about the Galaxy Note…. certainly a tremendously interesting phone. I tried one in a shopping mall over the weekend, and I was blown away. It is very big for a phone, but because the luxurious space is so great, I think one can live with, if you are up for something big.

    • Kevin Wright says:

      Thanks. I was quite surprised about having to be so negative, I recall the Nexus 1 and S to be much better, or it might be that now we have had the Note and S2, I am much harder to please :-)

  • Stephen Sharples says:

    Great show again. Thought I’d give you some love after my comments last time around ;). One of the desirable features of the nexus (along with the vanilla OS) in my mind was the 4.6in screen so I was surprised and disappointed to learn that in real terms it is no bigger than its older sibling the S2. Thanks for noting this. The galaxy note’s form factor really does appeal to me but I’m not a big fan of the Touchwiz UI or any android skin (but that’s probably just the geek in me). I’d rather have vanilla android with the benefit of having direct and immediate OS updates from goggle rather than waiting for Samsung to push it out in an altered way. In the main comparisons of the two phones in my mind are; firstly a hardware comparison which the Note wins comfortable IMO, and the Software comparison where the Nexus wins. So it’s really a hard choice. If I didn’t have the glorious Nokia N9 (sorry had to get this in somehow), I’d probably go with the Note but then look enviously on as the Nexus gets regular OS improvements from Google.

    • Kevin Wright says:

      Its true that the screen really feels no bigger than the S2, but due to a big increase in resolution, you do see more, albeit at the expense of font size in places. On the subject of Android skin, I know that Launcher Pro is in effect just another skin of sorts, but I have to say in my view it makes any device just feel like stock to me, always has done. And, looking back at the Nexus One and the Nexus S, did they really get that many updates? Always still have to buy new (inferior?) hardware to get the new OS first?