DSR Refresher

May 31st, 2012 | Posted by Kevin Wright in Features - (2 Comments)

So, we have not talked about the Distance Selling Regs here for a while, I thought as I may well be invoking them in relation to my soon to arrive Samsung Galaxy S3, I had better read them on the relevant site, in this case www.mobiles.co.uk.  It does amaze (more…)

Samsung Galaxy S3 Deals

May 31st, 2012 | Posted by Kevin Wright in News - (3 Comments)

A combination of a sick day off, boredom, and fever bought about by a 3 day old kidney infection has lead me to order a bloody White Samsung Galaxy S3!! The deal I went for in the end was with Mobiles.co.uk who are part of Carphone Warehouse.


With the blue model delayed and Samsung failing to fulfill pre-orders of the white model, we discuss the Samsung Galaxy S3 arrival in the UK, Kev’s 13th Note and the budget Huawei G300 Android device from Vodafone UK


On this show we are joined by Dan Carter @mobilemandan who gives his first impressions on the new Samsung Galaxy S3 after some hands-on time with the device. Connected Camera, Kev tests the Samsung WB850F SMART Compact Digital Camera with remote display/shutter on his iPhone. Using your broadband for mobile connectivity, we discuss the Kev’s experience with the 3 Home Signal Box. (more…)

In this extra edition of the podcast, we discuss the new Galaxy S3, and the Samsung Unpacked show at Earls Court on 3rd May 2012. (more…)