iPhone (poss iPad as well) Boot Loop fix

June 25th, 2013 | Posted by Kevin Wright in Tips & Tutorials - (Comments Off)

Hi, just a quick one as many people seem to be trying iOS 7 and getting stuck on a boot loop.

This is how I got out of mine twice, and to be clear, it was booting (more…)

TechTalkUK Podcast 51 – Another Day, Another Note

June 19th, 2013 | Posted by Nick Robinson in Podcast - (Comments Off)

Kev gives his first thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Having both tried it we discuss our initial impressions on iOS 7, and how about watching a game tonight instead of a movie? (more…)

Restore iOS 7 iPhone 5 back to iOS 6

June 12th, 2013 | Posted by Kevin Wright in Tips & Tutorials - (Comments Off)

So I had a good play yesterday with iOS 7, and its pretty nice, and I could probably leave it on for now, I think for a b1 its very solid. But I sold my other main phone yesterday, so this has to be my only (more…)

RHA MA 450i Earphones

June 11th, 2013 | Posted by Kevin Wright in Reviews - (2 Comments)

I hate those sites that review something after using it for a few days , and so, both myself and Nick have used these in-ear ‘phones for a few weeks, and we are now ready to give our opinion.

RHA is a Glasgow based Audio company, making several different models of sensibly priced earphones and headphones. The ones we were sent to review are the MA 450i, with that “i” basically denoting that these are best when used with some sort of Apple iDevice. (more…)

It’s our fiftieth podcast and the celebrations are in full swing, join us as we catch up with Kev’s search for the perfect device, and the Apple OSX & iOS7 news from WWDC.

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O2 Refresh (update)

June 9th, 2013 | Posted by Kevin Wright in Features - (4 Comments)

Some of you will have already read this post about O2 and their new Refresh plan. The idea behind this is that you sign two separate agreements, one for the phone and one for the Airtime. You can pay off the phone at (more…)

So yesterday as many of you will know, Three UK had a serious data outage, which affected a large part of their users. Now, I am simply a customer of Three , and although it is annoying to lose a service, it was not the end of the world for me at least. Many people chose to berate them, but many of us appreciate that it is Three UK who have led (and most amazingly still do several years later)  the the way on uncapped (I mean genuinely, not bullshit) data use, via the superb value One Plan.

My view of things like this is based on goodwill, and if a company has done something good for me, I will cut them a little slack at times like this.

Many of you will also recall the time that O2 in the UK had a similar outage. Well, to be completely fair, in 2009 they had several. This is but one link to the sorry tale, there are lots of others if you search the interwebs.

So, you would think on the day that a major competitor has a problem, somebody at O2 would think of sending them a message of support and understanding, or something? But it seems as if O2 has a massive memory loss, or lost the ability to type a sentence into Google search, because what they actually did was to post a Facebook Poll and question along the lines of :

“If your provider had a data failure what would you give up to get it back” and went on to list several choices in an attempt to be funny. Now, of course, this could have been a massive coincidence, (but it wasn’t!)

The comments on the Facebook post took a rather interesting turn, with most people showing support for Three UK, and berating O2 for being so childish and opportunistic. I even posted a comment myself, along with many other people who just felt that it was a bit rich coming from the very company who had been through this before.

Now, you may be wondering why I am telling you about this rather than just linking to the Facebook post and comments?

Well, in the new brave 2013 world of social media, if you get a bit of a poor or unexpected response, its simple. Delete the whole post and all the comments.

So this morning, its like nothing had ever happened. This in my opinion is almost worse than posting the poll in the first place. O2 are quite happy to use Facebook and Twitter to sell us stuff, and I have not problem with that, but this sort of thing is just plain wrong, you don’t get to wipe out an entire story just because you are getting a bit of a pasting in the comments. It is cowardly, and I think what O2 need to do is find a bit of spine, and apologise to everyone for the bad taste “joke” poll, but if (as I suspect) they are too scared to even do that, at least put the post back and apologise to all the people who took time to engage with them.

If you don’t O2, maybe people will stop engaging with you completely?



EE Customer Experience

June 4th, 2013 | Posted by Kevin Wright in Rants - (3 Comments)

So, a few weeks ago I tried to buy an EE 4G Mobile Wi-Fi unit, an E589, and I think I tried about every EE shop on the Yorkshire coast, with no joy, none of them had stock. So, I was in Ipswich today and as we are off for another couple of weeks in the motorhome shortly, I thought I would pop in and grab one.

So, I am not a huge fan of EE in Ipswich I will admit, as all the windows and shop dressing shouts about “4G” and of course, no sign of it in Ipswich yet, like many places. It all seems a little bit of a con really. Anyway, just want an easy sale, an E589 with a 30 day rolling contract, main aim is to cancel it straight away, unlock it and run it with a 3UK sim. Main advantage is battery life and I had some trouble with my old E386 last time.

So, went in, usual lack of assistants, and the two that were there were busy, but soon managed to nab one. So, I have located the E589 and it has a little label on it saying From Free, £15.99 a month, also available on FALSE and FALSE (very helpful EE, ever heard the saying that Retail is Detail?)

Me:   I want one of those please on 30 day rolling contract (points to E589)

Asst: OK, they are £39.99 plus you have to buy £10 top up.

Hrmm, I think, that does not sound like 30 day rolling, but its a bit better, they were £49.99 plus first month at £15.99 on that plan so this is better.

Me: OK, great, thanks.

Asst: I will just go get you one.

Comes back and proceeds to open an E5332 unit. I stop him with a cheery….

Me: Oh, sorry (not sure why I am apologising!) that is not the right one, I want the one on display that I pointed to.

Ast: Oh, this is the same.

Me: No, its really not.

Ast: Well, you are right (no shit Sherlock) but that is the 4G one, we don’t have 4G in Ipswich 

He said that bit quite proudly, as if he was presenting an excellent reason for trying to sell me the wrong one.

Me:  Um, but that is a portable unit right? I can use it other places right?

Ast:  Err, yeah, I guess so.

Me:  Well, no problem, just get me the right one.

Ast:  But you can not get that one on PAYG. Its £69.99 and £15.99 a month.

Me: I did not ask for it on PAYG, I asked for it on 30 day rolling.

Ast: OK, so do you want one?

Me: Hrmm, it was only £49.99 a few months ago, and it was out of stock everywhere I tried, seems harsh that it is £20 more now.

Ast: (no reply)

Me: Well, OK then, I can just cancel the 30 day right away and reinstate it anytime can I?

Ast: No, if you cancel it and want to reinstate it you have to buy another unit. (is that even true?)

Me: Well, I think I will have one anyway.

Ast: Oh, right. (long pause)…… we don’t have any of those are we are not a 4G store.

Me: So, you shout about 4G stuff on all this promo signage, you have 4GEE plastered over everything, and you have this 4G Mi-Fi on display with a price, but you are not a 4G store and do not stock 4G models?

Ast: Um, yeah…….(not really embarrassed as such, more annoyed with me I felt)

I simply shook my head and left the shop. How do they stay in business?