Restore iOS 7 iPhone 5 back to iOS 6

June 12th, 2013 | Posted by Kevin Wright in Tips & Tutorials

So I had a good play yesterday with iOS 7, and its pretty nice, and I could probably leave it on for now, I think for a b1 its very solid. But I sold my other main phone yesterday, so this has to be my only phone for next 8 days, during which I will be very busy, so this morning I decided to re stockify the iPhone 5.

Usual caveat applies, this is exactly how it worked for me, a UK user with an iPhone 5 model A1429 (on back case)

Here is a quick step by step (its still restoring as I type this)

1. Check iPhone model on back case, most UK folks will have the A1429 model which is GSM and CDMA

If it is A1429 your restore software is HERE

If you have the A1428 model, you need THIS ONE IS NOT SO LIKELY IN UK PLS CHECK CAREFULLY

Download the right file and drag it to your desktop, this is on a MAC so PC may be slightly different, please check.

2. Connect your iPhone to iTunes (do update to latest version first) and obtain DFU Mode as shown HERE

On a Mac, in iTunes you then hold down the OPT key (inbetween cmd and ctrl) and click Restore button in iTunes, again this will be slightly different for PC users.

This brings up a finder window, and you can select the firmware you downloaded at step 1. Check it, check it again, and then check it a 3rd time, make sure you have the right restore file.

The iPhone will then restore, checking it all with Apple etc.

On mine, the iPhone popped back up in iTunes and I had to activate it with my Apple iD, which is the new Activation Lock feature, so it may be best to turn that off in settings while on iOS 7 (if that is even possible?)

It was no issue of course (it gives you the first letter of the iD as a clue) I simply put my details in and it activated, and gave me the usual (for a phone that was originally locked) “Congrats your iPhone is now unlocked” message.

Next, iTunes asked me if I wanted to set up as new, or restore. At this point I selected Restore and it gave a message saying “software is too old to restore from this file” (or close to that)


At this point, I switched to setting up on the phone, (which is still connected to iTunes at this point, not relevant as such….)

I went through the normal setup stuff, and selected Restore from iCloud, and selected my last backup from before I did the iOS 7 install (remember b1 probably is not making iCloud backups, so you will need a pre beta backup, I had several I could have used)

Thats it, it is still restoring apps, but all my settings are back, and working just fine.




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