TechTalkUK Podcast 54 – Crystal Balls

August 20th, 2013 | Posted by Nick Robinson in Podcast

Kev and Nick discuss the rumours and make their predictions for the expected announcement of the new iPhone or iPhones in September. Also we catch up with the comments about the last show.

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5 Responses

  • roy sharman says:

    Hi Kevin
    I follow your podcast without fail,but after listening to your previous podcast and your enthusiasm for I purchased a TZ40 which I am very pleased with, I was a bit suprised to hear you have sent yours back, and was wondering why you didnt get on with it.
    I am also trying to follow you on twitter but for some reason you have blocked me my user name is yornamrahs.
    If its a mistsake could you unblock me. Cheers roy

    • Kevin Wright says:

      Hello mate, I send everything back :-)

      Main reason was I realised I was gonna miss the long zoom I sold a month or so back, so I sent the TZ back and replaced it (well, not really) with the FZ200.

      Not blocked anyone on Twitter as far as I know, will go check and sort.


  • bob says:

    Hi Kev and Nick,
    You asked for some feedback.
    First, thanks for the show. I walk the dog for about an hour a day and the podcast is a good companion. I like the UK focus and the sheer common sense and relevance to real life on offer.
    Second, thanks for the tip off about the one plan some time ago. I had been with O2 since Celnet days but was frustrated with the silly data limits and the lack of 3G on my local mast. When I got through to the technical people they told me there was no outlook for 3G in the foreseeable future but “stick with us as we will have 4G soon.” Definitely time to switch. You are absolutely correct about how truly unlimited data completely changes the way you use the phone In fact I would suggest that moving to unlimited is a far better thing than spending money updating a phone now. Surely we are reaching the limit on hardware innovation and it is just a choice of screen size, OS and then getting stuck into the services. Maybe you and Nick could do some more about productivity and what benefits your daily life.
    Finally, I am not a fan of speculation, so show 54 was not my favourite. But you could have livened it up by making the predictions meaningful, maybe by making whoever got the least correct paying for the other’s new phone.
    Thanks again.

    • Kevin Wright says:

      Cheers Bob, some good points, and we will try to take them on board, well, except the one about buying the other a new iPhone ;-)

  • Hi guys, thanks for responding to my comment. Couldn’t quite work out if you said at 5mins 19secs that i was fair or unfair about the show. If i have been unfair i apologise, coz you guys do a good job.
    To explain my Office Doc/connected camera comment, it was a request to look at something Windows Phone does as its bread and butter and see if a connected camera could do as good a job. In the same way you looked at whether what is primarily a phone could take better pictures than something designed specifically for that purpose, and at the same price. Kind of reversing the whole thing.
    Anyway, I don’t mean my comments to come across too harsh, but that’s the problem with text, you can’t always hear the intended sarcasm. You guys are great, keep up the good work.