We’re back with another show, Kev and Nick chat about the Samsung Note 3, iPhone 5S and answer some of the questions asked by our friendly followers on twitter. (more…)

With no iPhone 5S pre-orders Nick joins the crazy ones and queues to get his new handset. Which phones has the best response time? Kev and Nick discuss a new report by Agawi on screen response times. (more…)

Kev and Nick are joined by guest @stmcgill Shaun McGill of Lost in Mobile to discuss this weeks iPhone 5C & 5S launch and the pricing of the 5C on contract in the UK. Along the way we also find out why Kev is using, Nick has sold and Shaun dislikes the HTC One. Finally we give our brief thoughts on Microsoft’s recent announcement of its intention to buy Nokia’s mobile phone business. (more…)

Kev and Nick are back with Show 55 and Kev has been trying out the Nokia Lumia 925, can it replace many years of Kev’s obsession with iPhone in just a few days? I think everyone knows the answer to that question, but there are a few surprises along the way. (more…)