TechTalkUK Podcast 55 – From Cupertino to Espoo and back

September 1st, 2013 | Posted by Nick Robinson in Podcast

Kev and Nick are back with Show 55 and Kev has been trying out the Nokia Lumia 925, can it replace many years of Kev’s obsession with iPhone in just a few days? I think everyone knows the answer to that question, but there are a few surprises along the way.

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10 Responses

  • enjoyed the show guys, pretty fair over all , you can adjust the size of any tile on WP8 , but not going to go through stuff point by point, think you did make a good effort with the 925 and also appreciate the mention :-) Hope the up and coming announcement from Apple gives you all you need, cheers.

  • Jim Edwards says:

    @ RatCat – you called it SO right on AAS’s non-review of the N97. To me that’s when the site lost a lot of credibility and whereas AAS wouldn’t pull the same trick now, I’m certain Rafe and AAWP would, or at least pepper a ‘bad’ review with a liberal sprinkling of ‘caveats’ and ‘in context’ remarks.

  • Gav Whyman says:

    I agree with Stephen, your summary was a pretty pair assessment. I was actually a little surprised that you didn’t have more gripes about WP8.

    My biggest problem WP8 is that with the native email client there is no way to restrict when your email is pushed. At least I’ve not found a way. Of course I want to get my personal email 24/7, but I only want work email pushing Monday-Friday, 8:00-4:00.

    I’ve not had the patience to search for 3rd party clients, so I may be being a little unfair. But surely is is something that should be in there as standard?

  • Robin says:

    Enjoyed your show as usual guys, even though I live in Canada. Your confusion over Amber and GDR2 made me go look it up and I found the following:

    “…Microsoft’s GDR2 OS update promises to add new additions like FM radio, call and SMS filters, improvements for Xbox Music and Internet Explorer, Data Sense, and more. As for Nokia’s Amber firmware update, it will bring new Nokia-based features, like Smart Cam and much more…” (from


  • James Murray says:

    What have you guys done!!! You praised the hardware, so now MSFT have bought the company!!!

    Very interesting podcast. Very fair.
    As ever, it’s horses for courses.
    My missus has a 620 and loves the size, smoothness and it does all she wants (not a ‘power’ or app user) at a price that I am happy to spend knowing her tendency to drop / missplace / lend to our 2yr old her phone. Plus it comes in pink (well magenta).
    I may have a battle on my hands if the iphone 5cheap comes in a pink colour variety though – and that could be a very good strategy for Apple – really depends on how ‘cheap’ they are – not long till we find out.

    With regard to Google not playing nice with MSFT, they have taken the view that WP is still small enough to try and crush, or at least oppress, whereas iOS is too big a potential market to try and fight.

    With regard to the ‘app gap’, personally, I would like to see better design / use of mobile websites that are platform agnostic so a company doesn’t need to produce an app – surely that makes more long term sense? Perhaps the tech isn’t quite good enough yet!? Or are the big players making too much money from apps and what to discourage that sort of thing?

    My own personal view is that the iOS apps come out first partly because it is a big market that likes it’s apps, but also because the senior decision makers that sign these decisions off are likely to have iphones as a reflection of their ‘status’. Yes, I know lots of people have iphones these days, but they do still have a certain ‘status’ attached due to their pricing – in my opinion.

    I know the next Tech Talk is going to be about the Apple event, but surely you’ll have some (snarky) thoughts to share on the MSFT / Nokia news. Nokia can’t use the ‘Nokia’ brand on smartphones until 2016 – but what might happen then???

    Best regards …..

  • robin says:

    Hi guys – I have figured out that you will not post my comments, I guess because I’m not from the UK. I thought it was ABOUT UK tech but not necessarily only FOR UK blokes. Understood. I’ll continue to listen in though. I find Kev to be a really great speaker/conversationalist with a very clear mind. He should have been (could still be) on radio. cheerio

  • robin says:

    Well now I see my other comments! I was wrong. Okay, so you will let me post. Sorry!

    What I wanted to say was that we will all pitch in and buy Kev a 920 so that he cannot return it. (And he’s not allowed to sell it to someone else). Maybe that will help him try it out for a few weeks which is really needed to get used to something. It took him and the rest of us months if not years to learn and expect what a OS can and cannot do, so why should Kev be any different. If he’s got no money tied up in a device, he might give it a fair chance.

    And by the way, I say that partially in jest. I actually have no problem with him being so quick to give up on a device. He does what the rest of us feel like doing! He acts while the rest of us patiently contain our frustrations. Good on him.


  • damien (from australia) says:

    Great show as always, can’t wait for your next show, iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. I bought the lumia 925 black, it’s better built than my HTC one, I just wished it had a file manager and downloading files in the browser, if iPhone had that I might switch, but they don’t. With android I can play pretty much any file, video, download things.

  • WD says:

    I have been using a Lumia for quite a while now and I think you made quite a few mistakes. Firstly, the keyboard autocorrect works perfectly. The ‘I’, apostrophies, auto-correct and grammar are excellent. I found typing on the Lumia a fair deal quicker than the iPhone or my iPad.. There is also built-in twitter and gmail functionality. There are also apps which you can download for free which show your whole day calendar on the lock screen. I really think you need to spend more time with the WP8 phones.

    I agree the apps are still lagging behind but I also think you haven’t given enough credit to the Microsoft services. Having tried the others, Google is great as well but MS is up there.