TeckNet IEP330

Whilst browsing Twitter the other day, someone, (sorry I forget who) published a link to a rather nice portable charger with built in LED Torch on Amazon. I already have an Anker Astro 10000 mAh portable charger, but ever the gadget freak, I took a look and purchased the smallest version the 3000mAh TeckNet IEP330. My reasoning behind this was that, the Anker, whilst portable, is about the size of a Nintendo DS, so you’ll only ever carry it if you are taking a bag out with you. (more…)

Kev and Nick are back with episode 64, Kev has been trying out the Nokia Lumia 102o. We discuss the forthcoming O2 prices rises and how they have circumvented the recent OFCOM ruling designed to stop mid-contract prices rises. The latest results from Nokia and Apple are in, Nokia sell less, Apple sell more, both are doomed. (more…)

Nokia 1020 / WP8

January 26th, 2014 | Posted by Kevin Wright in Features - (6 Comments)

Last Wednesday, Jon at Clove Technology was kind enough to send me a bright yellow Nokia 1020 to trial, after several attempts to get one from Nokia directly had failed. Jon had kindly offered me the phone for a whole month, which is very generous, and I am very grateful to him.

A fair few of you thought I would hate it, (more…)

Happy New Year to all our listeners. Kev and Nick are joined by Shaun McGill from Lost in Mobile  to discuss the iPhone battery life, why do some users get good usage out of their devices, whilst others suffer rapid drain.

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