Kev and Nick discuss Black Friday and take a look at some of the smartphone and tablet deals available over the last few days. Kev explains how do grab a refurbished phone on O2 Refresh and Nick explains why he has bought another Lumia 1020. (more…)

Kev, Nick and regular Richard return with show 86, we chat briefly about iOS8.1.1, Office 365, Nokia N1. Meanwhile Kev is trying to decide whether he should try another Galaxy Note 4 or an iPhone 6 Plus, we discuss how the 6 Plus differs to the 6 and whether big phones still feel big once you get used to them. (more…)

Kev and Nick are joined by special guest @richardcyates to discuss his reasons for switching back to iPhone as his main device. We also chat about Windows Phone in 2014 and the recent Microsoft deal with Dropbox. Kev gives his brief thoughts on the iPad Air 2. (more…)