TechTalkUK Podcast 100 – Turn of the Century

May 24th, 2015 | Posted by Nick Robinson in Podcast - (Comments Off)

In show 100: TTUK reaches its hundredth episode. The podcast started life back in 2010 as the iPad Chat Show, with Kev, Nick, Steve Litchfield and Ted Salmon of PSC fame. (more…)

In show 99: Kev tells us why he’s sold his Galaxy S6, Nick’s been videoing trains with his Lumia 930. Kev gives his first impressions on his new Apple MacBook. (more…)

O2 Refresh (here we go again)

May 12th, 2015 | Posted by Kevin Wright in Features - (Comments Off)


Well, remember this little issue I had a while back?

Clearly, any sane person would not have signed up for another deal with this lot, but of course, the S6 came out, and it was a decent deal……

So, today I sold the S6 after it failed (more…)

In show 98: Kev is back from his holidays and gives his thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy S6 and finding cellular signal in the Lake District. Nick meanwhile gives his first impressions of the Lumia 930. (more…)

A tech challenge.

May 2nd, 2015 | Posted by Kevin Wright in Features - (Comments Off)

So, we are in a field in our Motorhome and I was desperate to watch Ipswich Town try to reach the Championship playoffs for the first time in ages. I ditched Sky about a month ago, and we have no mains electric in this field. I do have very good data speeds though.  It would have been a doddle to watch on either the iPhone or S6 or indeed the iPad, and I remembered I had activated the free 3 months NowTV that came with my latest Chromecast, but a few others wanted to watch the match so I had to get it on our 21″ Samsung TV.

We chose this particular TV as it runs off 14v DC, and is supplied with a main brick, like old laptops used to be (still are for some!), and I figured that the 12v supply of the MH would be near enough for modern electronics. The only issue was that I had never go around to either finding a 12v lead with the right barrel connector, let alone making sure it worked. 

So, challenge on. I had my Chromecast with me, but needed the only 12v socket to power the TV. I have an inverter but this would also take up the 12v socket and it drains the MH leisure battery at a much higher rate, and I doubt that Jackie would be impressed if I said no heating or hot water for next couple of days because I wanted to watch some footy!


In the end, this is how I worked it out, using what I had with me. First off I remembered we had an old iGO travel kit with us, this has a load of different adapters, and one happened to fit the TV, and the 12v socket, and it put out 15v DC, this time one volt over the TV rating, but again my confidence in modern electronics made me trust this would be fine, which it was. So we had power to the TV, but how to get the signal from a device to the TV via the Chromecast?

I made the S6 the wi-fi hotspot, as this has my 3 One Plan Sim in, and was the fastest data I had. I ran the Chromecast setup app on the iPhone 6, which was also connected to the S6 hotspot. Chromecast needs power of course, so I hooked that up to my new Aukey 10000 mAh power bank which supplied plenty of power for that.

All I needed now was to buy a Day Pass for Sky Sports as an add on to my NowTV trial, and we were away. I used the iPhone 6 to send the actual cast to the TV, and discovered you can watch NowTV on 2 different Sky channels at the same time using different devices, so I had the Ipswich game on the TV, and the Derby match on the iPad, which was working using the free 2gb Sainsbury Sim I grabbed a couple of weeks back.

Ipswich scraped through by the skin of their teeth, and only because of a very unusual Derby home loss, so all in all, a successful day so far.