TechTalkUK Podcast 111 – Plenty to see, Nothing to buy

November 29th, 2015 | Posted by Nick Robinson in Podcast - (Comments Off)

In show 111: Kev and Nick chat about what they didn’t buy on Black Friday. We discuss the Lumia 950 and Dock and wonder how Continuum will stack up against Handoff, two very different methods of combining mobile with the desktop. (more…)

TechTalkUK Podcast 110 – On the verge of indecision

November 8th, 2015 | Posted by Nick Robinson in Podcast - (Comments Off)

Was it all a bad dream? You will have to listen to find out. (more…)

Bendy Phones

November 5th, 2015 | Posted by Kevin Wright in News - (Comments Off)

I was simply going to post most of this as a response to Matt Miller’s latest post on ZDnet, but I have a few bits to add, so thought it might make an interesting post here.

Lets go back to the release of the iPhone 6, specifically the 6 Plus. From day one reports started coming in that these were bending in people’s pockets. A Youtube video from a guy who makes a lot of money from this sort of thing became available that showed that if you applied enough force in the right spot, it would indeed bend. As this was Apple, and we all know how good Apple is for a linkbait article, it spread like wildfire, and more people came out of the woodwork to claim that “it just bent in my front pocket”.

I was (and remain) skeptical about just how many of those iPhones were bent in pockets, after all, once the #bendgate tag got going, it was pretty simple for anyone who had bent their iPhone by sitting on it for example to get a free replacement from Apple. Also keep in mind, the internet is terrible for getting facts on this sort of issue, as there are plenty of people who jump on any anti-Apple story with childish glee, and I have no doubt some of the claims were just blatant trolling. Now having said all of that, the whole thing did make me think a little more about how I would treat the 6 Plus should I own one, and I think a lot of people got a heads up that it did (quite understandable) have a flaw in certain circumstances, and I suspect quite a few iPhone 6 Plus owners never did bend their phones, in part due to the publicity around the subject.

So I can’t agree anymore with those that simply say bend tests are stupid. Granted, most of us will never try to break a phone on purpose, and those big Youtubers who have multi million views earn back way more than the cost of the phone, (or phones) they break. I happen to think that is one sign our world has gone mad, but it is a fact.

It seems that although quite a few people found it pretty hilarious when iPhones were bending, they don’t seem to find it quite so funny now its the Nexus 6P that is in the spotlight. Another Youtuber going under the moniker JerryRig did a test of the Nexus 6P, and showed it did *seem* to bend pretty easy. The internet quickly jumped up and said “hang on, he put a flame on the screen and it bent at that spot” (one example of many similar articles)  this then prompted the following video of a brand new unboxed 6P being bent right out of the box without too much effort.

Now, I think the two video’s title (The Nexus 6P is a Joke!) is a poor choice, because for those people with the attention span of a goldfish, it easy to automatically assume the guy is some sort of Android hater, when in fact he seems pretty balanced, and if you can force yourself to watch whole 7 min video, he clearly states that in normal daily use, the Nexus 6P will probably not bend at all.

My point is that during normal use, people do sit on there phones, drop them, and jam them into tight pockets and bags. I say that these tests are on balance a good thing, they almost certainly made Apple strengthen the original 6 Plus, and will undoubtably lead to Huawei doing the same with the new Nexus, so it will benefit all owners in future.

Back to Matt’s article now, and it is interesting to hear him say his wife’s HTC M9 showed signs of bending when she sat on it. Why interesting? Well, the JerryRig Youtuber tested lots of phones lately, check his channel, and the only other phone to bend rather easily lately?

Yep, the HTC M9 :-)