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January 1st, 2017 | Posted by Kevin Wright in Features

Happy New Year to all of our listeners and followers, I want to start 2017 with a decision, and I would welcome your advice or thoughts. Twitter is probably the best place to make contact since comments here are turned off.

As you all know, I use Amazon quite a lot, I have had a Prime account for a few years, and use Audible (which is Amazon) a huge amount. In the last few days over Christmas, I was starting (well, maybe not starting to be fair, more like coming to a head) to get really annoyed with their whole sales pitch, which seems to be based around pressure selling (lightning deals) and fake RRP’s where a Power bank for example is £79.99 reduced to £29.99 save £50 when in reality the power bank had never sold for more than £29.99 anyway.

I used to follow Gavin from Gavin’s gadgets and he was someone who posted a whole lots of these offers, and maybe that is why it was winding me up so much, seeing him add sometimes “be quick” to his posts, which of course are affiliate links. I say “used” to follow him as be blocked me over Christmas, I assume for my constant questioning of the offers he posted. I often wished he would split his twitter use and start another account just for these links, as I genuinely liked following his other stuff.  Ironically, I often used his affiliate link when I bought from Amazon, alternating between him and Steve L, as you can not of course use your own links.

So what I want advice and comments on is do you find *my* use of affiliate links fair, or do you think I only share them for the kickback? I am asking as up to last night, I was all set to quit all my Amazon links, and some of you will have heard this on the last TTUK. I am wondering if it is silly for me to do this and cut my nose off to spite my face?

I am rethinking as two people who listen to TTUK and heard the last show have emailed me and asked that I don’t stop using the links as they like helping me out, and will (obviously) continue to buy on Amazon (as will I to be honest), and of course when I raised this whole RRP thing on twitter several of you made it clear it does not bother you in the least.

Thanks for reading, I will copy to G+ if you want to reply there.

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