New Feed for TTUK – Details

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Nick is still busy but has now linked the new feed to the old feed. Shows listed here will still not go past 158 for descriptions, but should all download fine to the various podcasting apps.



As Nick is very busy for the next few weeks I have moved the link for the show over to Podbean directly so I don’t have to keep hassling him every time I do a show or change a little bit of text etc.

So unless you do one of the things below, you will only ever see Ep 158 as the last TTUK in your podcast app.

So a few ways to get it.

1. Listen on or get the Podbean App, (this gives you access back to episode 1) it’s available for iOS and Android.

iOS App is here

Android App is here

2. In your podcast app, manually add a new podcast (do NOT search as you get the old feed only) and when it asks for the URL or RSS feed put in,  (dont click this, add it manually)

Here is a quick video to show how it is done.

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Sponsor for TTUK is Ian Maxfield, iMax Repairs go HERE to check him out.


Cheers all.



TTUK is ending……

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The end of TTUK podcast.


Hi folks, I know some people will not be happy to hear this news, but I have decided to stop making TechTalkUK podcast.


This is not a sudden decision, as I have been self critical of the show for some time now, just ask Richard and Nick, I usually end each show by saying “that wasn’t very good was it” or similar, and bless them both they always say it was OK :-)


It is not just making a podcast I am bored of, I hardly listen to any these days, certainly never get to the end of any, and use the skip forward feature more and more. I think I am just tired of having to think of something to say each show.


I think the fact for me is that I just don’t have much to say, and I *always* promised myself if I did not completely enjoy doing it I would stop.


So thanks to all of you who have commented and contributed, and used the affiliate links in the past.


I have opened this document up to Richard and Nick in case they want to add anything.





A word from Nick…..


I can only mirror what Kev says really, personally I feel I’ve run out of things to say.


Being more than happy with my iPhone I reached the point some time ago where I didn’t feel the need to keep swapping phones every few months and there’s only so much you can say about the same things and only so many times you can record the same show every fortnight.


It’s been nearly 7 years since we started TTUK, and after the first few episodes I didn’t think we’d make 7 months let alone 7 years.


We’ve had some fun along the way, we’ve agreed, disagreed, argued and having had the pleasure to have met both my co-hosts in person, become friends.


So a big thanks to Richard and especially Kev for the putting up with me all this time, and of course to all our listeners.







Bendy Phones

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I was simply going to post most of this as a response to Matt Miller’s latest post on ZDnet, but I have a few bits to add, so thought it might make an interesting post here.

Lets go back to the release of the iPhone 6, specifically the 6 Plus. From day one reports started coming in that these were bending in people’s pockets. A Youtube video from a guy who makes a lot of money from this sort of thing became available that showed that if you applied enough force in the right spot, it would indeed bend. As this was Apple, and we all know how good Apple is for a linkbait article, it spread like wildfire, and more people came out of the woodwork to claim that “it just bent in my front pocket”.

I was (and remain) skeptical about just how many of those iPhones were bent in pockets, after all, once the #bendgate tag got going, it was pretty simple for anyone who had bent their iPhone by sitting on it for example to get a free replacement from Apple. Also keep in mind, the internet is terrible for getting facts on this sort of issue, as there are plenty of people who jump on any anti-Apple story with childish glee, and I have no doubt some of the claims were just blatant trolling. Now having said all of that, the whole thing did make me think a little more about how I would treat the 6 Plus should I own one, and I think a lot of people got a heads up that it did (quite understandable) have a flaw in certain circumstances, and I suspect quite a few iPhone 6 Plus owners never did bend their phones, in part due to the publicity around the subject.

So I can’t agree anymore with those that simply say bend tests are stupid. Granted, most of us will never try to break a phone on purpose, and those big Youtubers who have multi million views earn back way more than the cost of the phone, (or phones) they break. I happen to think that is one sign our world has gone mad, but it is a fact.

It seems that although quite a few people found it pretty hilarious when iPhones were bending, they don’t seem to find it quite so funny now its the Nexus 6P that is in the spotlight. Another Youtuber going under the moniker JerryRig did a test of the Nexus 6P, and showed it did *seem* to bend pretty easy. The internet quickly jumped up and said “hang on, he put a flame on the screen and it bent at that spot” (one example of many similar articles)  this then prompted the following video of a brand new unboxed 6P being bent right out of the box without too much effort.

Now, I think the two video’s title (The Nexus 6P is a Joke!) is a poor choice, because for those people with the attention span of a goldfish, it easy to automatically assume the guy is some sort of Android hater, when in fact he seems pretty balanced, and if you can force yourself to watch whole 7 min video, he clearly states that in normal daily use, the Nexus 6P will probably not bend at all.

My point is that during normal use, people do sit on there phones, drop them, and jam them into tight pockets and bags. I say that these tests are on balance a good thing, they almost certainly made Apple strengthen the original 6 Plus, and will undoubtably lead to Huawei doing the same with the new Nexus, so it will benefit all owners in future.

Back to Matt’s article now, and it is interesting to hear him say his wife’s HTC M9 showed signs of bending when she sat on it. Why interesting? Well, the JerryRig Youtuber tested lots of phones lately, check his channel, and the only other phone to bend rather easily lately?

Yep, the HTC M9 :-)




Three UK Tariff Changes

March 18th, 2014 | Posted by Kevin Wright in News - (3 Comments)

So for a few weeks now we have talked on the podcast about the forthcoming changes  from Three UK, and although it is a week later than first reported, it is now here. So is it good news, or bad? Before we look at that, lets take a look (more…)

UPDATE 27/5/13 8:59am

So, Sky went all day yesterday letting the last Tweet (which looked suspect but better safe than sorry) which advised people to remove all the apps stand. It now turns out the Apps are all OK, according to this latest update on the Sky Help Forum front page this morning.

You do have to ask why on earth Sky could not have at least told people yesterday that the Twitter account had been hacked, and things were being investigated. The fact still remains that all the Sky apps are still missing from Google Play, so for goodness sake Sky, come clean about this, you are handling it terribly.

Latest wording from Sky below.

Sky Apps: We have temporarily removed our Apps from the Google Play store following a security alert.

All Sky Apps were unaffected and any Sky Android apps previously downloaded by customers are safe to use. There is no need to remove them from your android device.

As soon as we have restored the apps on Google Play we will post up an update.

In a related security breach, Twitter has locked access to @SkyHelpTeam, which is why we are currently unable to tweet from this account. However, help and info is available via @SkyHelpTeam1,Facebook and here on the Sky Help Forum.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.



UPDATE 26/5/13 22:26

This has just been posted on the help forum front page.

Update: We have temporarily removed our Apps from the Google Play store.

Sky Android apps previously downloaded by Sky customers are unaffected and there is no need to remove them from your android device. As soon as we have restored the apps on Google Play we will post up an update for new customers wishing to download. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Due to a security breach, Twitter has locked access to @SkyHelpTeam, which is why we are currently unable to tweet from this account. However, help and info is available via @SkyHelpTeam1,Facebook and here on the Sky Help Forum.

UPDATED 26/5/13 16:39

I have been trying to find out more about this all day, seems Sky are keeping quiet about it, all I could find was the info posted at 6am today in the Sky help sections (see photo)

It says major, but we have heard nothing all day. I went onto Sky Live Chat Help a few moments ago, and the transcript is below, does not add a huge amount of information, and show how confused this all is. (its a bit messy sorry)



Welcome to Sky Live Chat Service. A Sky Advisor will be with you shortly. Your chat may be monitored and recorded for training, legal and compliance purposes.


You are now connected with [redacted].


Hello, you’re chatting with [redacted], a Sky advisor, may I take your name please?


Sure, Kevin Wright


Hi Kevin.


How are you doing today?


Hi. I was OK until I found out about all your Android Apps being hacked!


Kevin, are you getting any error message?


I have uninstalled all Sky apps from my S4, so no I am not.


Just checking that for you now.


Kevin, I understand you’re having issue with Sky Apps on Samsung Galaxy S4, let me quickly check

the service status to find out the reason and then I’ll help you with the next information what we are

gong to do.




Thank you.


Kevin, I just checked and you’re right.


The apps are not hacked but the upgrading is going on.


It’s a known issue on Samsung Galaxy S4.


Are you joking me? q=sky+apps+hacked&oq=sky+apps&aqs=chrome.0.59j57j60l2j62l2.2477j0&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF- 8


Kevin, the development team is working on it as the apps are not getting launched and worked on

only Samsung Galaxy S4.


Sorry if you felt that way, but I didn’t mean it.


Have you clicked the link I inserted?


The issue is under investigation for sure.


Y es.


And? Are they hacked or not?


There is an error occurred on Sky apps and it’s only appeared on Samsung Galaxy S4.


You’ve found the link when you went to google search engine, is that correct?


You clicked my link and did not see that Sky Twitter Team said to uninstall all your apps from EVERY Android phone? This is not an issue with the S4 at all.


The link given by you is not Sky’s official link.


Ah, OK, can I have Sky’s Official link then please.


I’ll help you with the help and support link, we have not posted the update on web site as it’s almost sorted out.


You’re correct about uninstalling the app but that needs to be done after the issue gets sorted from the team.


Right. What is? And what about Me16:20

Kevin, the links which you’re checking is not the Sky’s official link, as Sky don’t have the twitter account to update any errors.


It’s created by Forum team.


I am going to send you a link. Click on the highlighted blue text to access the link. This chat window will not close so please continue to chat with me here.




Please click here for the Sky help and support page.


Did the above link open for you?


OK done that.


Kevin, your patience are really appreciated.




The issue will get sorted in some time and will be posted on the link given by me.


Be rest assured, it’ll get sorted.


Oh, so there is no statement on that link you gave me yet?


Yes as I said, the team has not posted the update on web site as it’s almost sorted out.


Y ou need to uninstall all the apps and re-install just after couple of hours.


I do not dispute it will get sorted out but what damage has this done to my phone? I use it for banking and personal information.


Be assured, it’ll not impact your personal details.


OK, that is good. Thanks for your help.


You’re most welcome


If you need any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to visit our Help Centre – Simply click here [redacted]16:27

I hope the service provided was clear and helpful.


Kevin, once again your patience are really appreciated


You can also access troubleshooting steps through your Sky box by selecting ‘Interactive’ on your Sky remote and then ‘Sky Active’ and ‘Help & Support’


I’ll just recap what we’ve talked about today.


You came on chat as you were concerned about hacking your personal details due to Sky apps upgrade, I’ve explained the reason and also assured you that it’ll not affect your personal details at all. [redacted]16:30

Now everything is sorted out as you’ve found what you were looking for, is that correct? [redacted]16:30

yes, thanks




Is there anything else I can help you with today?

Just found that the Help Team on Twitter changed to why did the guy above not mention that? Chaos, and does suggest they do not have control of original Twitter?

End of update


News is breaking this morning of what could turn out to be a major breach of the Google Play store.

It appears that some, or all of UK Broadcaster SKY BSB have been hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army.

Although there have been reports of Malware on every OS, this is the first I can recall which affects both a major player, (some Sky apps had over 1 million downloads) and more importantly, seems to have involved access to Google Play passwords and signing keys.

It should be noted that as yet there is no statement from Sky, so this could all turn out to be simply a hack of the Sky twitter account, but as all the Sky apps have been pulled from Google Play, at least something is up. Maybe I am over reacting, but I have deleted my Sky apps and my banking app from my S4 until I know for sure!


S-View Cover for S4

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Just a short post to give my impressions of the S-View case for the new Galaxy S4.

First of all, its about twice the price it should be (more…)

Galaxy Note 2 for £401? (NOPE TOO LATE)

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With thanks to Richard and Leon for in
formation, I present the latest O2 deal for the brand new Galaxy Note 2

Remember all these posts are correct at time of posting, in fact I just signed up for one myself. All info is to the best of my knowledge, but as always, buyer beware.

So, go join QUIDCO if not already a member, and search for O2. Should be £50 cashback on 24 mth contracts. Go over to the O2 site, and find the Note 2 in either White or Grey, and select the £16.50 a month and handset £199 offer. Click on the 100mb allowance and it should reduce to £13.50

Sign up, and once your account is live, you can log in and take the £3.50 a month data bolt on off, so its £10.50 * 24 and £199 with £50 to come back from Quidco. You have yourself a Note 2 for £401, free unlock (if its not already unlocked) and a SIM to give a kid with a dumb phone with 50 mins and 250 texts.

UPDATE 12/10

Just to update this, as of 12/10 this deal is still live, and I managed to get one by using my partners details, (I was rejected as I already had 6 accounts :-)

I was able to drop the £3 data bolt on before the phone even arrived here, by logging into O2 Chat and asking the agent to sort it for me.

I have decided to offer somebody the chance to save a few quid on this Note by offering it over at PSC Forum if for any reason you can not get this deal or want to pay once.




Samsung Galaxy S3 Deals

May 31st, 2012 | Posted by Kevin Wright in News - (3 Comments)

A combination of a sick day off, boredom, and fever bought about by a 3 day old kidney infection has lead me to order a bloody White Samsung Galaxy S3!! The deal I went for in the end was with who are part of Carphone Warehouse.


Samsung Galaxy S3

February 1st, 2012 | Posted by Kevin Wright in News - (2 Comments)

Samsung today released a press release about the new Galaxy S3, widely expected at MWC later this month. This is the press release…..but we have the exclusive version of the release before Samsung PR edited it down :-)

“Samsung is looking forward to introducing and demonstrating exciting new mobile products at Mobile World Congress 2012

“The successor to the Galaxy S2 smartphone will be unveiled at a separate Samsung-hosted event in the first half of the year, closer to commercial availability of the product and as soon as we have bought an iPhone 5 to copy”


T Mobile Full Monty (Important Update)

February 1st, 2012 | Posted by Kevin Wright in News - (5 Comments)

Just found out via Dan Carter that the Full Monty plans mentioned below have a speed cap of 1Mb/S as you can see from a Tweet from T-Mobile official UK twitter account. When you take this with the way the SIMO plans have been vastly increased, it is VERY clear that 3UK are still the way to go for UK data.


T Mobile this week announced the first real challenge to Three UK’s  “The One Plan”

One thing I find a bit silly is there is still two different levels, Fully Monty at £36 a month, and Full Monty £41+ per month, which seems to be unnecessary. (more…)