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Some people seem to have taken my comments that I will not be buying an iPhone X at all to mean that I won’t actually be getting one. Of course that is not what I meant at all, and am pleased to say I now have one on order ????

Now, when I say “on order”, well…lets just say I am currently pretty amazed at the way +Argos operates in the UK. Let me explain, and you may want to make a cup of tea first. LONG POST!

So, I was far too casual on pre order day, it was almost like I believed I was not going to order one! Having said that I was on PC and Apple Store app at 7.58am, but sadly the store did not come up for me until 8:06am, by which time delivery was 3 weeks away. I could have reserved for pickup in Norwich for launch day, but that would have been near impossible to work out.

So, OK I thought, just get one from John Lewis on the 3rd right?

Well again, 8am, they changed from out of stock to available, and I tried to order one……tried again……and again……basically the website just failed, hey +John Lewis maybe you should try Squarespace?

I had the +Argos app open, and suddenly, I have my lovely iPhone 256GB SG in the checkout and a confirmation on screen. Look, it says right there, “our trusty courier” (err, it turns out its Yodel) will be with you on Sat. Its a receipt right, so deal done right? Hrmm, read on.

So, happy that is sorted, I get on with my day. I did tell my co-workers that I would only believe it when I saw the despatch notice though.

About 2.30pm I get the following email that I was kinda expecting for some reason.

“Hi, thanks for your iPhone X order this morning, order no AD104591507

We are currently waiting on your new phone to arrive. Although the website stated that it would be delivered within 2 days, the delivery will take place as soon as possible between 8th and 24th November.

We’re really sorry for any inconvenience but will keep you updated on progress. If you want to change your order, please call us on 0345 640 2020



Not overly pleased I checked my order status online several times, and was wondering if the delay email was a mistake, supposed to be sent to people who missed the stock, after all, I have a receipt and everything…..

I decided to go onto Argos chat at about 5.30pm, mostly to cancel, but had an odd exchange. The chat transcript feature did not work so I videoed the screen but I don’t think i can upload here, so basically it went,

ME: Am I getting order ADxxxxxx tomorrow or not.

Argos: “Yes I can confirm this will be delivered tomorrow”

ME: “Are you sure as I got an email saying it will be delayed till the 8th-24th, WTF is going on”

Argos: “Yes, I can confirm on your order it is out for delivery tomorrow”.

ME: “Can you tell me which courier and send me tracking number please” (This will stump em!)

Argos: “It is Yodel, but number will not be available until tomorrow” (hah, likely story I think, while also thinking OMG not Yodel please, anyone but them)

ME: Great news (yeah right!)

So I keep looking at the Order status on the Argos website, the bit where it says you can cancel (you can’t) and check orders. For most of the day, up until at least 8pm, had the message in the photo below confirming a Sat 4th delivery.

So I went to bed without much hope this was true, but you know, a little spark of hope was burning :-)

Apple started taking reservations again at 6am this morning, and I woke up at exactly 6am spookily, without any alarm, and dived into the app. No 256GB were available “locally” (100 mile not pleasant round trip), but they had some 64GB ones. I just feel that if you are gonna spend £999 you may as well got the whole hog, and anyway, in the Apple app it actually shows you that the current iPhone in your hand is 128GB so it is basically trolling at this point!

So I go back on chat with Argos, and am staggered by the exchange. Take a look. (Was pretty amazed, when the tracking number actually came back!!!)


Richard (09:51:40 GMT) : Hi, welcome to Argos live chat, you are chatting to Richard can I help you today?

Visitor (09:52:25 GMT) : Yes, can I please have my tracking number for order ADXXXX-XXXX-07

Visitor (09:52:51 GMT) : I was told yesterday it was Yodel and I want to call them to see what time it might arrive.

Richard (09:53:07 GMT) : Can you just confirm your name and address for me please?

Visitor (09:53:39 GMT) : Sure, Kevin Wright, …….
Richard (09:53:50 GMT) : Thank you. One moment.
Richard (09:54:25 GMT) : Your Yodel tracking ID is:

Visitor (09:56:15 GMT) : Checked it and it just says your parcel will be with us soon. I sincerely hope I was not lied to yesterday about this?

Richard (09:58:04 GMT) : What were you advised?

Visitor (09:58:40 GMT) : That it would arrive today. I asked if they were sure and was told yes.
Visitor (09:59:01 GMT) : I have this with proof on a Chat transcript.
Visitor (09:59:47 GMT) : My online order was showing today delivery when I went to bed last night.

Richard (10:00:53 GMT) : Your order is showing as dispatched, with a delivery date of 4/11 (today).
Visitor (10:01:10 GMT) : Not on the Yodel site it is not!
Visitor (10:01:19 GMT) : Can I send you a screenshot?
Visitor (10:02:27 GMT) : And my order status now says “Sit tight”/
Visitor (10:02:39 GMT) : What the hell is going on over there!
Visitor (10:05:03 GMT) : Hello?

Richard (10:05:07 GMT) : I am unable to do this i’m afraid. Our systems are showing the item is dispatched, which means the item is in transit to Yodel. Once Yodel have received the order and scanned it in to their system, the tracking page will be updated to reflect this.

Visitor (10:05:46 GMT) : Why does my order status with you say “Sit tight we are processing your order” and not despatched then?

Richard (10:07:42 GMT) : This would change once Yodel have received the order.

Visitor (10:08:32 GMT) : How can they deliver it today if they have not received it yet? Are you not worried that an £1150 item is lost somewhere?????

Visitor (10:10:33 GMT) : Can you please have a Manager call me on 0XXXX-XXXX-9477 so we can get this sorted out.

Richard (10:10:56 GMT) : The order hasn’t been lost, it is in transit from Argos to Yodel. It is an all day time slot, which means your order can be delivered to 9pm this evening.
Richard (10:11:19 GMT) : One moment please.

Visitor (10:11:32 GMT) : Wow! So you are still saying I will get it today?

Richard (10:13:33 GMT) : That is correct. I do apologise for any inconvenience or confusion this has caused.

Visitor (10:14:14 GMT) : OK, well I guess that is fine then. Am very surprised this is the way it works, but OK, you guys know best. Thanks.

Richard (10:15:10 GMT) : Your welcome. Would you still like a manager to contact you in regards to this matter?

Visitor (10:15:38 GMT) : No need if it is definitely arriving today.

Richard (10:16:25 GMT) : No problem. At the end of this chat a short survey will appear for your feedback on our chat today. I would appreciate your feedback.


Now of course, I am not stupid, (OK, OK settle down) and I know there is no bloody way this is turning up anytime soon, but how can an organisation like +Argos owned by +Sainsbury’s behave in such a way? Is it blatant lying, or simply gross incompetence?

So, assuming +Argos are reading this, can you contact me please, as your terrible website also lies about the ability to cancel an order online.

QUICK UPDATE: As if I thought different, Yodel confirmed no parcel received, just data!!!

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New Feed for TTUK – Details

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Nick is still busy but has now linked the new feed to the old feed. Shows listed here will still not go past 158 for descriptions, but should all download fine to the various podcasting apps.



As Nick is very busy for the next few weeks I have moved the link for the show over to Podbean directly so I don’t have to keep hassling him every time I do a show or change a little bit of text etc.

So unless you do one of the things below, you will only ever see Ep 158 as the last TTUK in your podcast app.

So a few ways to get it.

1. Listen on or get the Podbean App, (this gives you access back to episode 1) it’s available for iOS and Android.

iOS App is here

Android App is here

2. In your podcast app, manually add a new podcast (do NOT search as you get the old feed only) and when it asks for the URL or RSS feed put in,  (dont click this, add it manually)

Here is a quick video to show how it is done.

While you are here, maybe you can consider a donation on or use one of our links HERE

Sponsor for TTUK is Ian Maxfield, iMax Repairs go HERE to check him out.


Cheers all.



Vodafone Smart Ultra 6, nice device, shame about the service!

August 4th, 2015 | Posted by Kevin Wright in Rants - (Comments Off)

I have been looking at getting a Vodafone Smart Ultra 6 for a few weeks now, and even tried to buy one online twice now, only to have my debit card rejected for no reason (I called Nationwide both times in case it had been blocked, it had not).

This is a pretty hot device, £125 for a very nice specced (more…)

Chasing the delivery man

June 28th, 2015 | Posted by Kevin Wright in Rants - (Comments Off)

You know how it is, you order a little gadget from Amazon, and you do a little (internal I hope!) ‘whoop’ when you see those magic words “DPD will deliver your parcel” And then you follow your driver on the little map, despite knowing you are delivery number 300 and he has just delivered number 3.

It gets closer and closer, and then, you are next, he is less than 15 mins away…hurrah. (more…)

A plea to O2 UK. Please ban me from buying from you!

June 20th, 2015 | Posted by Kevin Wright in Rants - (Comments Off)

Yeah yeah, not news to a lot of you I know, but I really do need to get this off my chest, as I feel I am about to enter yet another frustrating episode with O2 UK.

You probably already know the story, but just in case, please have a recap of this post I made earlier this year.  Oh, and this one next , which was just last month.

So, despite all of this (I am stupid remember) I decided I must have an LG G4, and O2 had a decent launch deal, £440 once paid up, so I went for it again.

After a couple of days, I decided it was not for me, so I sold the handset, and paid off the contract again, this time following the advice I had been given on the S6 deal, to not use online chat and just call up and pay on the phone.  He is a recording of the call, with names beeped out and a couple of passwords and debit card numbers removed so its a bit disjointed.

So, as you can hear, I pay it off, checking that it will be disconnected same day, and she even says I may be due a refund if a payment goes through before the £360 I just paid gets cleared.

Think nothing of it for a week or so, and in fact think I have cracked it.

Oh no, nothing so simple with these guys.

Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 20.48.01

I get a lovely email yesterday, but I am not worried, it will just be a zero bill right? Or maybe they owe me a few quid?

Yeah right. I get billed for the entire amount. Falsely, and as bloody usual. This happens every time, how can one company be so rubbish?

Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 20.50.28

So I get straight on the phone, and speak to a nice lady, who apologises and says she will get the bill cancelled, and will email me to say this have been done. She lied about both it seems, (the screenshot above was taken at time of post) Preeti was her name, good luck with tracking her down.

So, I have a few days before these idiots try to claim money I don’t owe them, and they won’t get it because I have cancelled the direct debit, and then no doubt we have to go through this whole post again?

Last time the O2 Social Media team posted this message to this blog. It feels very hollow now.

Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 20.55.46

How stupid am I for doing this over and over? Pretty stupid, no argument. I have a plea for O2




Carphone WTF House

March 17th, 2015 | Posted by Kevin Wright in Rants - (Comments Off)

So, here in the UK, we basically now only have one ‘independent” mobile phone chain, and they are known as Carphone Warehouse. They have lots of branches, 4 in little old Ipswich, including one inside Currys, which they picked up after Phone4U ceased trading.  I put independent in quotes as they like to pretend to be looking to offer customers the ‘best’ (more…)

O2 UK Customer Service Fail

January 31st, 2015 | Posted by Kevin Wright in Rants - (4 Comments)

I am putting this all down in an article as I need to get it off my chest, get it in chronological order,  and have a record of it for any future issues with regards to my credit file. Warning, this is a very long post. It all started when I saw that the HTC One M8 was down (more…)

Mobile Contricks

January 7th, 2015 | Posted by Kevin Wright in Rants - (1 Comments)

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 23.14.38


No, that is not a misprint above, it does say Contricks. Why? Well one of my Twitter followers posted a tweet tonight saying that CarPhone Warehouse are paying “up to” £200 cash back on pay monthly contracts. I have ranted before about so called “free” gifts that you are actually paying for, but this is not that unusual either, £200 cash back that is actually costing you £240 to obtain.

As my example, I used this offer on the HTC M8 from CPW as it is still a top smartphone, and is one of only a few £200 offers, most are £50 or so, and more importantly you will be paying for the cash back anyway.

This is how it works.

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 22.47.55On this “offer” the deal is nothing upfront, £48 a month for 24 months for 5GB data, everything else unlimited. So total is £1152


Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 22.47.40Go to the O2 site direct, and guess what? Same deal, is £38 a month, total cost £912, difference £240. So well done, your £200 cash back is a loan, paid back over 24 months with £40 interest.

What makes this especially cynical is that it preys on the people only see £200 in the hand right now, and never work it out.



In case you think this is a one off, lets look at a Samsung S5 on the same deal. From CPW with £100 cash back, its £43 a month, and at O2 its £38 a month. Difference is? Yes, £120, same ratio of added on money as the £200 cashback deal.

Pure cynical marketing from CPW, please don’t fall for it.



Serve me now dammit! I’m Rich.

December 3rd, 2013 | Posted by Kevin Wright in Rants - (2 Comments)


OK, the title is a joke, and I have my tongue firmly planted in cheek for this post. In fact, this post is quite rare for me, its a direct response to this post by Ewan MacLeod, of Mobile Industry Review, and the excellent 361 Degrees podcast. Now (more…)

EE Customer Experience

June 4th, 2013 | Posted by Kevin Wright in Rants - (3 Comments)

So, a few weeks ago I tried to buy an EE 4G Mobile Wi-Fi unit, an E589, and I think I tried about every EE shop on the Yorkshire coast, with no joy, none of them had stock. So, I was in Ipswich today and as we are off for another couple of weeks in the motorhome shortly, I thought I would pop in and grab one.

So, I am not a huge fan of EE in Ipswich I will admit, as all the windows and shop dressing shouts about “4G” and of course, no sign of it in Ipswich yet, like many places. It all seems a little bit of a con really. Anyway, just want an easy sale, an E589 with a 30 day rolling contract, main aim is to cancel it straight away, unlock it and run it with a 3UK sim. Main advantage is battery life and I had some trouble with my old E386 last time.

So, went in, usual lack of assistants, and the two that were there were busy, but soon managed to nab one. So, I have located the E589 and it has a little label on it saying From Free, £15.99 a month, also available on FALSE and FALSE (very helpful EE, ever heard the saying that Retail is Detail?)

Me:   I want one of those please on 30 day rolling contract (points to E589)

Asst: OK, they are £39.99 plus you have to buy £10 top up.

Hrmm, I think, that does not sound like 30 day rolling, but its a bit better, they were £49.99 plus first month at £15.99 on that plan so this is better.

Me: OK, great, thanks.

Asst: I will just go get you one.

Comes back and proceeds to open an E5332 unit. I stop him with a cheery….

Me: Oh, sorry (not sure why I am apologising!) that is not the right one, I want the one on display that I pointed to.

Ast: Oh, this is the same.

Me: No, its really not.

Ast: Well, you are right (no shit Sherlock) but that is the 4G one, we don’t have 4G in Ipswich 

He said that bit quite proudly, as if he was presenting an excellent reason for trying to sell me the wrong one.

Me:  Um, but that is a portable unit right? I can use it other places right?

Ast:  Err, yeah, I guess so.

Me:  Well, no problem, just get me the right one.

Ast:  But you can not get that one on PAYG. Its £69.99 and £15.99 a month.

Me: I did not ask for it on PAYG, I asked for it on 30 day rolling.

Ast: OK, so do you want one?

Me: Hrmm, it was only £49.99 a few months ago, and it was out of stock everywhere I tried, seems harsh that it is £20 more now.

Ast: (no reply)

Me: Well, OK then, I can just cancel the 30 day right away and reinstate it anytime can I?

Ast: No, if you cancel it and want to reinstate it you have to buy another unit. (is that even true?)

Me: Well, I think I will have one anyway.

Ast: Oh, right. (long pause)…… we don’t have any of those are we are not a 4G store.

Me: So, you shout about 4G stuff on all this promo signage, you have 4GEE plastered over everything, and you have this 4G Mi-Fi on display with a price, but you are not a 4G store and do not stock 4G models?

Ast: Um, yeah…….(not really embarrassed as such, more annoyed with me I felt)

I simply shook my head and left the shop. How do they stay in business?