New Feed for TTUK – Details

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Nick is still busy but has now linked the new feed to the old feed. Shows listed here will still not go past 158 for descriptions, but should all download fine to the various podcasting apps.



As Nick is very busy for the next few weeks I have moved the link for the show over to Podbean directly so I don’t have to keep hassling him every time I do a show or change a little bit of text etc.

So unless you do one of the things below, you will only ever see Ep 158 as the last TTUK in your podcast app.

So a few ways to get it.

1. Listen on or get the Podbean App, (this gives you access back to episode 1) it’s available for iOS and Android.

iOS App is here

Android App is here

2. In your podcast app, manually add a new podcast (do NOT search as you get the old feed only) and when it asks for the URL or RSS feed put in,  (dont click this, add it manually)

Here is a quick video to show how it is done.

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Cheers all.



Bose QC 30

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This is my early review of the Bose QC 30 headphones. If you decide to buy a set, maybe you can consider using my Amazon link here.


Screen Shot 2016-12-17 at 16.56.34Before we start, take a look at this photo of the QC 30, they do look very different to any other set of in ear headphones (unless you recall the LG Tone!), and for a while, that ugly looking neckband had put me (more…)

Medion S2218 Aldi Special

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I often wonder if it is ever worth reviewing these sort of devices, as they  seem to sell out the same day they are put on sale. I doubt this will be any  different, but as they go on sale a week later in Mainland Europe than here  in the UK, I agreed to do this quick mini review mainly for Steve over at as his viewers and readers will still have a  week to decide if they should get one (spoiler alert, yes, they should!)




Sennheiser Headphone Bargain / Review

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I have always liked Sennheiser stuff, but lately really want Wireless, so a while back I tried the RS 180 wireless system, which is a 2.4 GHz system, not Bluetooth.

It was £200 from John Lewis, and had a broken  (more…)

Panasonic Lumix CM-1 Camera Phone – First thoughts

December 28th, 2014 | Posted by Kevin Wright in Reviews - (Comments Off)

Screen Shot 2014-12-28 at 08.16.36

An early look at the new take on a quality camera with an Android phone added to the mix. The CM-1 has a superb spec list including, a 20MP 1-inch Sensor & LEICA DC Elmarit Lens, a 4.7″ screen, and Android 4.4 on board running on a Qualcomm 2.3GHz Quad-core CPU. Over to the author of this early look, our very own Richard Yates.


For quite a few years now, mobile phone photography has been my hobby.  I can well remember getting the Nokia 7650 on the day of launch, just before going on holiday, and since then I have probably had over 100 camera phones, including pretty much all of the big names – The Nokia N8, Nokia 808, Lumia 1020 and Galaxy Note 4 to name some obvious ones.  In fact I think, more than anything else, my addiction to buying and selling phones comes from looking for the perfect balance of camera and phone – especially one which has an operating system I can get on with. (more…)

Linx 7 Windows 8.1 Tablet

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This is under reviews, but it is more of a sideways look at how such a cheap device can be a fantastic buy. How cheap? Well, when I bought it (and at time of typing this) it is £59.99 from this seller on eBay, and list price seems to be around £79 from Amazon

For this you get a 7″ Full Windows 8.1 Tablet, and a one year subscription to MS Office 365 Personal which in turn gives you access on 1 Tablet and 1 PC or Mac. More on this later. You will note this is either £5.99 a month or £59.99 for a year, so already if you want to subscribe to this version of Office, you already have the Tablet either for free, or about £20 (depending on offers at time of reading)

There are warning all over these adverts for this product that this version of Office 365 only works on this actually Tablet. More later but that is NOT the case with mine.

I am going to look at this in two parts, the Tablet, and the 365 Sub.



This is full Windows 8.1 not RT. RT is dead, and has been since day one IMO.

OK, its a 7″ slab of plastic and glass. It is not badly put together, but it certainly is not premium. The speakers are shockingly bad, and the screen is OK, not brilliant, although it does go fairly bright. It has that sort of haze you often see with cheap components. There will be several reminders in this article that I paid £60 for this! Specs for those who care are on this page.

It has a 3.5mm headphone jack of course, and a front and back camera, 2mp I think, probably OK for Skype but nothing else. It also has a handy “Windows” button which switches between Metro and Desktop mode, and is quite handy.

It does have a redeeming feature though, and that is Micro HDMI output. This is what this is all about. Hook this up to a TV or other screen, and get a cheap Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, and you have a very interesting, basic full PC on your hands. Let me be clear, it won’t play Call of Duty, nor will you be using it to edit and render your latest blockbuster movie, but it is surprisingly decent for a low end PC with only 1GB of onboard RAM.

I activated Office 365 on the Tablet, and ran all the Apps, Access, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Onenote, Outlook and Publisher. I did not stress them, but they were all running. Then I opened about 4 Chrome tabs with different websites in each, and amazingly it stayed fluid and very usable. Chrome is a bit laggy on this but it seems lately that is a feature of all versions of Chrome anyway.

The tablet has a MicroSD slot, and the card actually goes all the way in, unlike some other devices where it sticks out a little bit, and it also has a Micro USB slot for charging and OTG for attaching other devices. At the moment, I am trying to find a device to use the USB to charge and connect devices, and I am sure there will be one, but not found this yet. There is a device called +port which will do this but seems to be US only right now.

I downloaded a 1.9GB movie and dumped it on a normal USB stick drive, and using the free VLC for Metro it played beautifully through the Tablet onto my 40″ Samsung TV via a standard Micro HDMI to HDMI cable, no lag, no stuttering, no lip sync issues. I have very little idea about formats, this movie was VOB or something, and all I know is that there will be a Windows program to play whatever you throw at it.

Next I tried a 3TB Seagate backup drive. This was powered itself of course, no way could this power it, and it seemed to work just fine. Read and Write worked fine, and could access all the movies that were stored on it. No reason to believe this will not simply work with any (powered) USB device.

As a standalone Tablet, its a little bit too small and fiddly to me, but there is an 8″ version for £99 and a 10″ version for £159 (or £109 if you have a working 7″ Tablet to trade in?) which I think would be a pretty compelling device.

In summary, this is all about connecting it up to a screen, and (optionally depending what you want to do) a Keyboard/Mouse. If you want to take it with you on holiday, and pack a small external (powered) drive full of media, and hook it up to your accommodation’s TV, it will work just fine. Add a small Keyboard and Mouse (like this maybe, not tried them though), this would work perfectly well for some browsing, and email, and probably for more involved stuff given how well it performs, and that it has full Office on it.


Office 365 Sub

As mentioned before, I paid the same price for this Tablet as I would have for a one year sub to Office 365 personal. The MS blurb for this says it is one Tablet and one PC or Mac device. Some adverts for this Linx Tablet says it will ONLY work on the Tablet itself. This is my current experience.

I am not a huge Windows user, but I do have an account from my dabbling with Windows Phone, so on the Tablet I activated the 365 sub by clicking the link on the Metro homepage and it downloaded the usual file to install. Once done you simply sign into your account. You can also just sign into the Office page and it gives you an Install button.

Once installed on the Tablet, I went to my MS account on my Macbook Air and it said it was fine to Install there as well. Instead I decided to try it on my recently built home Windows PC, as it would be far more useful to my partner on that PC. It installed just fine on the main PC.

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 10.32.45


Next, I noticed it was possible to deactivate either of the devices, so I deactivated the Tablet, and installed it on the Macbook. It all seems to work fine (you only get Office 2011 on Mac) so currently it is running on a PC and a Mac, and no Tablet at all!

You will see the Install button is dimmed out so no more installs possible of course.


Once again, remember this is £59.99 for a decent Tablet, and a year of Office 365 running on 2 devices. Bargain of the year in my opinion!




TeckNet IEP330

Whilst browsing Twitter the other day, someone, (sorry I forget who) published a link to a rather nice portable charger with built in LED Torch on Amazon. I already have an Anker Astro 10000 mAh portable charger, but ever the gadget freak, I took a look and purchased the smallest version the 3000mAh TeckNet IEP330. My reasoning behind this was that, the Anker, whilst portable, is about the size of a Nintendo DS, so you’ll only ever carry it if you are taking a bag out with you. (more…)

RHA MA 450i Earphones

June 11th, 2013 | Posted by Kevin Wright in Reviews - (2 Comments)

I hate those sites that review something after using it for a few days , and so, both myself and Nick have used these in-ear ‘phones for a few weeks, and we are now ready to give our opinion.

RHA is a Glasgow based Audio company, making several different models of sensibly priced earphones and headphones. The ones we were sent to review are the MA 450i, with that “i” basically denoting that these are best when used with some sort of Apple iDevice. (more…)

S-View Cover for S4

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Just a short post to give my impressions of the S-View case for the new Galaxy S4.

First of all, its about twice the price it should be (more…)

OK, I admit it, I have been known to like a phone with a good old fashioned physical home button. But I have a problem, and that is simply that I really like the HTC One and (more…)