New Feed for TTUK – Details

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Nick is still busy but has now linked the new feed to the old feed. Shows listed here will still not go past 158 for descriptions, but should all download fine to the various podcasting apps.



As Nick is very busy for the next few weeks I have moved the link for the show over to Podbean directly so I don’t have to keep hassling him every time I do a show or change a little bit of text etc.

So unless you do one of the things below, you will only ever see Ep 158 as the last TTUK in your podcast app.

So a few ways to get it.

1. Listen on or get the Podbean App, (this gives you access back to episode 1) it’s available for iOS and Android.

iOS App is here

Android App is here

2. In your podcast app, manually add a new podcast (do NOT search as you get the old feed only) and when it asks for the URL or RSS feed put in,  (dont click this, add it manually)

Here is a quick video to show how it is done.

While you are here, maybe you can consider a donation on or use one of our links HERE

Sponsor for TTUK is Ian Maxfield, iMax Repairs go HERE to check him out.


Cheers all.



Note 4 / O2 Refresh

October 18th, 2014 | Posted by Kevin Wright in Tips & Tutorials - (3 Comments)

Several people seem to struggle with how this works, so I wanted to do a quick refresher.

So, go here. (Or go to a shop)

Next choose your colour (Black for men, White for others!) click the Choose Tariff button

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 14.04.13

The next step will vary, and you have to check all the plans to find cheapest, this time around, just select the 5GB £79.99 upfront one. (more…)

iPhone (poss iPad as well) Boot Loop fix

June 25th, 2013 | Posted by Kevin Wright in Tips & Tutorials - (Comments Off)

Hi, just a quick one as many people seem to be trying iOS 7 and getting stuck on a boot loop.

This is how I got out of mine twice, and to be clear, it was booting (more…)

Restore iOS 7 iPhone 5 back to iOS 6

June 12th, 2013 | Posted by Kevin Wright in Tips & Tutorials - (Comments Off)

So I had a good play yesterday with iOS 7, and its pretty nice, and I could probably leave it on for now, I think for a b1 its very solid. But I sold my other main phone yesterday, so this has to be my only (more…)

Using Yesterdays Flagship Phones Today

May 25th, 2013 | Posted by Kevin Wright in Features | Tips & Tutorials - (Comments Off)

Guest post by Daryl Goh (@hockamania on Twitter

This piece is in the vein of the “pimp your device” articles (made famous by Steve Litchfield)  that aim to (more…)

A few comments on this as I have picked up a genuine HTC CC C200 car charger today.

It was £9,99 from a local mobile shop in Scarborough, looks (more…)

Disclaimer: As always, I post this in good faith. Cash back deals are never guaranteed, and buyer should beware!

Hey, you know how we always say get those pre-loaded SIM cards off of eBay to use in your iPad, phone, or whatever device? Well, I just found out why there are so many on eBay in the first place. I am not sure why I missed this in the past, but this seems to be the (more…)

Galaxy Note 2 for £401? (NOPE TOO LATE)

October 9th, 2012 | Posted by Kevin Wright in News | Tips & Tutorials - (Comments Off)



With thanks to Richard and Leon for in
formation, I present the latest O2 deal for the brand new Galaxy Note 2

Remember all these posts are correct at time of posting, in fact I just signed up for one myself. All info is to the best of my knowledge, but as always, buyer beware.

So, go join QUIDCO if not already a member, and search for O2. Should be £50 cashback on 24 mth contracts. Go over to the O2 site, and find the Note 2 in either White or Grey, and select the £16.50 a month and handset £199 offer. Click on the 100mb allowance and it should reduce to £13.50

Sign up, and once your account is live, you can log in and take the £3.50 a month data bolt on off, so its £10.50 * 24 and £199 with £50 to come back from Quidco. You have yourself a Note 2 for £401, free unlock (if its not already unlocked) and a SIM to give a kid with a dumb phone with 50 mins and 250 texts.

UPDATE 12/10

Just to update this, as of 12/10 this deal is still live, and I managed to get one by using my partners details, (I was rejected as I already had 6 accounts :-)

I was able to drop the £3 data bolt on before the phone even arrived here, by logging into O2 Chat and asking the agent to sort it for me.

I have decided to offer somebody the chance to save a few quid on this Note by offering it over at PSC Forum if for any reason you can not get this deal or want to pay once.




Getting old iOS Apps back.

January 10th, 2012 | Posted by Kevin Wright in Tips & Tutorials - (Comments Off)

In this case I am talking about the official Twitter App. I made sure I did not update to the latest version on my old iP4S, (more…)

Usual disclaimers etc, this worked for me but no promises :-) The Nexus (and most other Samsungs) are almost impossible to brick. Almost… (more…)